Local Celebrity Should Consider a Short Sale

Local Celebrity Jeana Keough Should Consider Short Sale

You may recognize her from around town or you may recognize Jeana Keough from Bravo’s hit TV show “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” The New
York Post
’s gossip blog is spilling secrets; according to them she has four homes in Coto de Caza, CA that are in financial peril.  Houses in the 92679 zip average
around 1.3 million! Though she recently worked out a loan modification on one home, it begs the question: If a real estate agent who made her money off of moving high-end homes can’t even get her properties moving in this overly sluggish market what’s the average Joe to do? Well, lucky for low-enders like you and me (well, okay, maybe just me), our end of the market has started to pick up the pace.

Investors and first time homebuyers have their eyes set on wrangling a great deal on a distressed home or short sale property. If you’re interested in pursuing a short sale, make sure you’re working with a short sale specialist.

Nothing worse than when a deal falls through.  To get your house off your hands, your agent needs to be three things, they need to know the local market, they need to be a short sale specialist with a team of experts and they need to be dedicated to selling your
home.   Looking for all-star agent short sale agents?  And then maybe you could pass your agent’s card along to a certain Orange County Housewife?

Minda Reves is a freelance blogger for SHORTsense.com.

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